Everyone is welcome

We are a cross class, cross race community- made up of people from all different types of backgrounds. No matter your age, occupation, education, ethnicity, income level- there is a place for you in our hub!

Who Is Sunrise Movement?

Sunrise is a youth movement to stop climate change to create millions of good jobs in the process. We're building an army of young people to make climate change an urgent priority across America, end the corrupting influence of fossil fuel executives on our politics, and elect leaders who stand up for the health and well being of all people.

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Meet Our Coordinators!

It really does take a village to do the work that we do. These are just a few of the coordinators that help make it all happen!

Priscilla Yeverino

Co-founder & Hub Coordinator, Electoral, Social Media

Fact: Priscilla’s cat is named Frida Katlo

Aaryaman (Sunny) Singhaal

Co-founder & Hub Coordinator, local policy, #GoodJobsForAll campaign

Fact: Sunny enjoys running!

Hope Endrenyi

Co-founder & Hub Coordinator, Base Building, Art, Social Media, Education, #GoodJobsForAll campaign

Fact: Hope is a master at making home made popcorn

Amber Brown

Hub Coordinator, Mutual Aid Coordinator

Fact: Amber has a cat named Pablo

Javier Enriquez

Co-founder & Hub Coordinator, #GoodJobsForAll campaign

Fact: Javier can make a pun out of any word, or your money back guaranteed

Kidus Girma

Hub Coordinator, Electoral Co-Lead, City Council Coalition Lead

Fact: Kidus owns two hats

Audrey Clark

Hub Coordinator, Base Building Co-Lead

Fact: Audrey loves sewing and re-fashioning clothes!

Rogelio Meixueiro

Tarrant Hub Coordinator, LatinX Dallas Co-founder

Kevin Patterson

Electoral Co-Lead

Fact: Kevin is a student at the University of Texas at Dallas

Cristian Camacho

Hub Coordinator, Electoral, Mutual Aid

Fact: Cristian loves mushrooms!

Mary Ann Bonet

Local Policy & Budget Co-Lead, Transformative Justice Team

Fact: Mary Ann once sang onstage with Willie Nelson

Nathan May

Hub Coordinator, Creative Lead

Fact: Nathan has been known to dabble in accordion music

Eleanor Ryburn

Base Building Co-Lead

Fact: Eleanor loves jumping into cold bodies of water, even in the winter

Maya Gonzalez

National Mass Training Team, Electoral

Fact: Maya loves listening to podcasts

Tricia Constandine

Local Budget & Policy Co-Lead

Fact: Tricia is a leader for DFW chapters of social justice run groups @unityrunners and @run4allwomen

Jason Bolling


Fact: Jason is a resourceful handyman

Maya Ferrer

Base Building, Art

Fact: Maya enjoys costuming musicals and operas!

Danielle Sherrill

Reading Club Lead

Fact: Danielle is super into blackland prairies and secretly wishes she was a DJ

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