Current Projects

In late 2020, we met as a hub to come up with our primary goals for 2021 and strategize how best to accomplish them.

We voted to focus on these four local projects, as well as a national campaign and social media working group.

2021 Dallas City Council Election

We will elect progressive champions to city council alongside a coalition of local orgs.

2021 City Budget & Policy

We will develop and run a campaign to push climate justice initiatives into city council budget and policy.

Base Building

We will revamp recruitment and onboarding to build a cross-race, cross-class hub.

Mutual Aid

We will support and develop local mutual aid networks.

“Green New Deal With It” Campaign

We will partner with Sunrise hubs across the nation to make 2021 the first year in the Decade of the Green New Deal.

Social Media

We will provide educational materials, volunteer opportunities, important news, and ways to connect with one another on all social media platforms.

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